1. a трудный; тяжёлый

difficult ascent — трудное восхождение

difficult ground — труднопроходимая местность

difficult of access — неприступный; труднодоступный

it is difficult to imagine — трудно вообразить

the most difficult part is done — самое трудное сделано

is difficult — трудный

are difficult — трудный

difficult size — трудный размер

difficult work — трудная работа

allegedly difficult — якобы трудный

2. a тяжёлый, затруднительный; неприятный

difficult situation — затруднительное положение

3. a трудный, упрямый; неуживчивый

difficult child — трудный ребёнок

the goods are difficult to realize — товары трудно продаются

a truly difficult situation — действительно трудная ситуация

crime difficult to trace — трудно раскрываемое преступление

difficult to incorporate — трудный для введения в состав

difficult to emulsify — трудный для эмульгирования

Синонимический ряд:
1. complex (adj.) abstract; abstruse; complex; enigmatic; intricate; involved; mysterious; obscure; perplexing; profound; puzzling
2. fastidious (adj.) fastidious; particular
3. froward (adj.) froward; obstinate; stubborn; unruly
4. hard (adj.) arduous; backbreaking; burdensome; demanding; difficile; effortful; exacting; exhausting; formidable; hard; knotty; labored; laborious; onerous; operose; oppressive; rigorous; rough; rugged; serious; severe; slavish; sticky; strenuous; taxing; terrible; toilful; toilsome; tough; trying; uphill; weighty
5. impossible (adj.) balky; contrary; impossible; ornery; wayward
6. perverse (adj.) boorish; impolite; perverse
7. tedious (adj.) tedious; wearisome
8. troublesome (adj.) austere; disadvantageous; discomforting; forbidding; heavy; incompatible; inconvenient; painful; reserved; rigid; troublesome; uncomfortable
Антонимический ряд:
amenable; calm; careless; categorical; clear; complacent; easy; facile; favourable; free; light; lucid; manageable; plain; pleasant; simple

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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  • difficult — I adjective arduous, attended by obstacles, awkward, beset with difficulty, beyond one s reach, bothersome, burdensome, complex, complicated, convoluted, difficile, difficilis, encompassed with difficulties, enigmatic, entangled by difficulties,… …   Law dictionary

  • difficult — [adj1] hard on someone; hard to do ambitious, arduous, backbreaker*, bothersome, burdensome, challenging, crucial, demanding, difficile, easier said than done*, effortful, exacting, formidable, galling, Gargantuan*, hardwon, heavy, Herculean*,… …   New thesaurus

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